Eminem: ‘I’ve Got Lines Ready’ If Trump Ever Responds

Rapper Eminem, 45, said that he’s “got lines ready” if President Trump ever responds to his attacks in an interview released Monday.

“He makes my blood boil,” Eminem told Vulture. “I can’t even watch the news anymore because it makes me too stressed out.”

In November, Eminem said he was “extremely angry” the president was ignoring him.

“I feel like he’s not paying attention to me. I was kind of waiting for him to say something and for some reason, he didn’t say anything,” Eminem told Shade 45.

Vulture asked him about his comments:
V: When you were talking about Trump on the Shade 45 radio show, you sounded almost annoyed that he didn’t respond to your freestyle about him. What do you want him to hear you say?

E: It’s not so much about him hearing something I have to say, because there’s nothing I’m saying about him on Revival that he doesn’t already know about himself. It’s more that I want him to answer me because I got ideas for all kinds of shit to say back to him if he does.

V: You’ve got the tweets pre-written?

E: I’m not going to give any away now, but I’ve got lines ready if he says something about me. I get almost flustered thinking about him — that’s how angry he makes me.
Eminem went on to say he hopes Trump “gets impeached” in 2018.

In his new album, Eminem says it has been “embarrassing” to be white and he thinks about “checking out on life” and killing himself because he “can’t escape this circumstance.”

He also said Trump “hates the black people” and is “basically Adolf Hitler.”