Gold Star Mom: Obama Accidentally Sent Me Multiple Letters Signed By Computer When Son Was Killed

Another Gold Star mother is speaking out about the media bias over President Trump and former President Obama’s handling of military deaths.

Julie Schrock, whose Marine son, Corporal Max Donahue, was severely injured in Afghanistan in 2010, and died at the age of 23, said “The media bias is obvious to anyone willing to dig a little deeper than just believing what they hear on the news.”

We recently covered a story from 2011 in which Obama changed the rules for media photographs at military coffins so he could use them as a photo-op, going against the wishes of 30 Gold Star families. There was much disrespect, but little media outrage at the time. Schrock’s story of disrespect from the previous administration is even stranger.

Obama has been alleged to have used a form letter and electronic pen to sign letters to the families of the fallen.

Young reviewed the letter and concluded, “I would agree, this is a personal sacrifice and an impersonal condolence.” Schrock’s story is even more heartbreaking – she received multiple copies of the same electronically signed letter from Obama!

“When my son died, then President Obama not only made no effort to reach out, but the condolence letter we received was signed by a computer,” Schrock said in a letter to the New York Post. “He didn’t even sign the letter!”

Schrock added, “Then, when I received multiple copies of the letter, I was told there was a computer ‘glitch’ that wasn’t fixed yet so more would probably keep coming and I should just throw them away. Not even a Sorry!”

She claims to have reported the letters to her local news station, but the disrespect garnered nowhere near the amount of attention Trump’s recent handling of condolence calls has received. It was “Sad and hurtful to say the least,” she said.

Truly disgraceful!