After Losing NY Job Due To Her Sick Trump Joke Kathy Griffin Faints On Stage… Her Friends Fear She’s Losing Her Mind

What is going on with Kathy Griffin? After a string of bizarre social media rants against just about every person in Hollywood, the controversial comedian fainted on the stage of one of her shows!

Griffin, 57, plummeted to the ground this Wednesday as she delivered a stand-up performance in Dublin.

She was preparing to tell a joke about Mariah Carey when she suddenly slumped over, saying “I’m going down” before falling unconscious.

Griffin’s longtime boyfriend, Randy Bick, reportedly ran to her aid.

After her show, Griffin posted a video explaining the health scare and telling fans she was “embarrassed more than anything.”

Thank you for an amazing night Dublin!

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“This one’s for you, Wendy Williams. Girl down. I had a girl-down moment,” added the outspoken star, referring to the Wendy Williams Show host’s horrific health crisis last month. “Anyway the audience was fantastic, and thank you for being forgiving and understanding.”

Not revealing what exactly caused her to faint, Griffin joked: “I promise to be upright the entire show next time.”

Griffin has recently been involved in various scandals with TV personalities Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper.

After losing her NYE gig due to her sick Donald Trump joke, friends fear Kathy Griffin is losing her mind!