NEW SCANDAL! MSNBC Chris Matthews Settled Sexual Harassment Case

Famed MSNBC presenter had legal issue with former female producer back in 1999.

Political expert Chris Matthews is the latest big name star to get embroiled in the sexual harassment scandals.

It has emerged MSNBC’s ‘Hardball’ presenter settled a sexual harassment claim with a female producer back in 1999.

A spokesman for MSNBC confirmed that a separation payment was made after the producer alleged Matthews, 71, made inappropriate jokes and comments.

It is understood that the employee received $40,000 during the settlement after the case was investigated the network.

However, MSNBC say that the figure was much less and came as part of a severance deal with the disgruntled employee.

As yet the company has failed to say if there were other incidents involving Matthews who is a well-respected political commentator.

MSNBC claimed that an internal review of the incident found that Matthew’s comments were inappropriate but that they not intended to be taken as ‘propositions’ to the female producer.