Trump Just Got Last Laugh, Kathy Griffin Just Denounced U.S. & Leaves The Country – Here’s Where She’s Heading

Kathy Griffin just thrilled every proud American.

She announced that she will be leaving America.

Apparently, her reason is President Trump.

Kathy Griffin had an interview with Daily Beast, where they spoke about former attorney Lisa Bloom, who represented her after she revealed the photos of Griffin. Absurdly, Griffin posed with President Trump’s “severed head.”

Also, during the interview, Griffin called Anderson Cooper a “Spineless Heiress.” This resulted in losing her friendship with Cooper.

As a consequence, she lost her gig with CNN New Year’s Eve. Also, she drove Cooper away who was a close friend to her and also served as a co-host. Back in May, he posted his opinions on Twitter.

Apparently, he didn’t inform her about the tweet and Griffin’s feelings were hurt. Back in July, he attended “Watch What Happens Live” where he explained that his friendship with Griffin isn’t over. However, Griffin had to end it.

Regarding Lisa Blook, Griffin claimed that she paid her $40,000 for two days of legal representation. Also, she mentioned that the press conference was a total mess. Griffin shared a tweet where she referred to Bloom by saying: “Stop calling me. If you’d like to refund me the tens of thousands of $$ I wasted on your services maybe I’ll talk to you.”

However, Lisa Bloom explained that the reason for the press conference to be a huge fail is because Griffin spoke off the cuff and didn’t have any notes that would lead her through her speech.

“The last time I spoke to Kathy, at a group dinner recently, she gave me a big hug, was very friendly and said everything was great between us. I had no idea there was a problem until a reporter reached out to me about this a few days ago,” Bloom said.

Her decision to leave America comes after she fainted on stage in Dublin.

Well, Griffin doesn’t deserve to stay in the country. She needs to face the consequence of sharing the devastating picture of President Trump.