Liberals and Democrats are doing everything in their power to resist ICE, and making sure at the state level to punish anybody who helps the federal government enforce Trump’s immigration policies.

Most recently now in Washington state, the Governor warned members of the DMV not to give out information to federal ICE agents that would help them build a case. Ending cooperation that existed between the two agencies in order to enforce immigration policies.

Here’s the video:

ICE, as well as many other government agencies, used to rely on DMV records to collect information on suspected terrorists, illegal immigrants, suspects for crimes, but now because of an order from the Governor of Washington.

the DMV is no longer going to share any information that isn’t mandated by the federal government by law.

This creates an essential sanctuary state in Washington as officials in the state are working hard to protect illegal immigrants, putting their citizens in harms way.

ICE said they were relying on records mostly for information on suspect they thought were security threats or a public safety threat.

This will no doubt end in some sort of a legal battle, as the Governor is essentially picking and choosing which government agencies he plans on giving information to, as a guest on Fox News points out, you can’t do that as an elected official.

ICE as of now is the only government agency that is required to have a court order to obtain information from the DMV. This lack of cooperation is classic from the Democrats.

Things aren’t going their way right now, so instead of just giving the country some direction, and letting Republicans advance their agenda, they grind everything to a halt and nothing gets done, which in their opinion is better I guess.